Frequently Asked Questions 

Aren’t 3D movies just a fad?

            I understand this viewpoint because 3D movies have had a past of coming and going for a few decades, but I don’t think the current 3D aspect is a fad for several reasons.  The first reason is that it’s profitable for movie studios to release 3D versions of movies.  3D Movies have a premium price that generates more money for each ticket sold therefore having a 3D version of a movie typically brings in more revenue to the movie studio.  Converting a movie to 3D or filming a movie in 3D does add to the cost of production, but the premium ticket price point usually makes up the difference.  A second thing to consider regarding if 3D is a fad is the aspect that theaters have invested a good deal of money into 3D technology, so they have a serious interest in supporting 3D movies. A third reason is 3D is popular with children’s animated movies and action movies, which are the two most prevalent genres in cinema and its been present in cinemas for nearly 10 years, so if it was a fad it would have been gone by now. Forth the home 3D market did not take off so going to the movie theater to watch 3D movies is the only real option.  Fifth and final aspect is that 3D prevents piracy. If you sneak in a camera and try to illegally record a 3D movie, the picture will look horrible without the glasses. I have read articles that Russia and China movie theaters want more 3D movies; because piracy is such major factor in those countries, the 3D versions of movies may become the only versions available to prevent rampant piracy.


Why didn’t 3D take off in the home market?

            I am not an expert on marketing and sales, but from my own experience, 3D at home was too expensive and a big hassle.  To get the full 3D experience at home the consumer must buy 3D HDTV,    3D Blu-ray player, 3D Blu-ray movies, and exclusive 3D Glasses that may require individual batteries.  The 3D glasses can cost anywhere from $20-$40 each, were not universal.  Watching the 3D content was hampered by few if any HDTV channels took advantage of the 3D  and limited viewing angles with image quality that varied greatly depending on glare and various other lighting issues. I have been impressed with 3D TV set up, but I can imagine it was too much of an ordeal and too costly to really catch on.


Who made your website logo and those cute little faces you use in reviews?

            I made that art myself.  I used an application on my 3DS called colors 3D to draw the logo and review icons.  My fiancé helped to draw some of the logo too.


Do you prefer movies to be converted in 3D or filmed in 3D? 

            I really don’t care how they make the 3D image I just hope that it’s well done.  Filming a movie in 3D is expensive to get the 3D specific cameras and may become difficult to accommodate for special effects but it provides a cleaner picture and gives the film crew a better chance to make more interesting and worthwhile 3d cinematography.  It’s understandable to why most 3D movies are simply converted in the computer.  The movie “Gravity” is a great example of quality 3D converted movie; in contrast the movie “Man of Steel” had a terrible 3D conversion, so the results can vary drastically depending on the movie studio and staff.


What are you feelings on old movies releases being re-released in 3D?

It totally depends on the movie and depends on how the finished product looks. In 2013 Jurassic Park re-released in IMAX 3D and I loved how that movie looked in 3D.  Other movies may be re-released in 3D to only make money and do not properly convert the movie. It also depends on how the movie was shot and how the cinematography is within the movie, some dramas like ‘Casa Blanca’ probably won’t look good in 3D but ‘Ghostbusters’ on the other hand may look very interesting in 3D.


Is the future bright for stereoscopic 3D video games?

This is a great question because I wasn’t sure about this myself until Nintendo showcased the NEW 3DS.  Microsoft and Sony have experimented with 3D gaming in recent years on their perspective consoles, but it’s taxing to the hardware and requires 3D HDTV’s and special glasses and very few games supported the feature.  Recently several 3DS games opted out of using the 3D feature because it was too taxing for the hardware.  In 2013 Nintendo released a 2DS that doesn’t allow stereoscopic 3D, so it looked like the 3D aspect was going to become irrelevant, but sentiment has changed with the aspects of the NEW 3DS.  The new 3DS not only improves the graphical processor, it also improves the 3D display to make it easier to see in different angles.  This essentially is doubling down on 3D and signaling that 3D gaming has a future on Nintendo’s portable. Outside of Nintendo virtual reality is starting to make a comeback with Sony’s Morpheus headset for PS4 and Facebook’s Oculus Rift.  Both VR headsets use a stereoscopic 3D display to help immerse you into its virtual world. So at least for the near future things seem bright for stereoscopic 3D gaming.


What kind of equipment and software do you use for the website / podcasts?

Square Space is the webhost provider I use for editing and managing the website and podcasts. My computer is a 2007 Mac Mini running Lion, with 4 gigs of RAM. My microphone is a Plantronics C610 headset, and I use Audio Highjack Pro and Fission to record and edit my podcasts. I have a Blue Nintendo 3DS XL I play for game reviews.


Have you ever or will you ever take money or gifts in exchange of giving a game or movie a higher score?

No, I haven’t done this practice in the past nor will I do this practice in the future.  I consider myself a professional and part of being a professional means to not accept gifts, or donations in any kind for the expressed interest to influence the review or review score.  I have heard that some websites do this practice and I think this practice is journalistically disgusting, unethical and just plain wrong.  I understand a perk of the job will be to occasionally get swag from movie studios or game developers, this will never influence my reviews in any way, shape or form and I don’t expect to get anything for any reviews I post.

Do you abide by the Blogger Code of Conduct? Which is:

1.   Take responsibility not just for your own words, but for the comments you allow on your blog

2.   Label your tolerance level for abusive comments.

3.   Consider eliminating anonymous comments.

4.   Don't feed the trolls.

5. Take the conversation offline, and talk directly, or find an intermediary who can do so.

6. If you know someone who is behaving badly, tell them so.

7. Don't say anything online that you wouldn't say in person.


Yes, to the best of my ability I will honor and respect that code of conduct and will strive to do better.


Do you do everything on the website?  Do you have any interns or other staff?

Yes, this website is a one man show and I do everything including writing articles like this one, recording podcasts, to editing the website and posting on social media.


What are your views on the gamer gate controversy?


I haven’t followed all the stories regarding gamer gate, so I can’t comment on every topic relating to this controversy. That being said, I believe modern society needs to treat men and women equally and overall humanity needs to learn to treat everyone with basic dignity and respect. I think pop culture in general needs the stop using the same old tropes, clichés, and storylines and always try to do something new and different.   

Do you have to pay for all the movies and games you review?

I am in the process of getting review codes for 3DS games, and I have received one recently but that is the first one.  I am investigating the process of getting a press pass to watch movies early.  I have heard to get a press pass you must have a certain number of viewers or subscribers on the website, so I am not sure if I have reached that quota yet. As of now I pay out of pocket for any games or movies I review, so that’s part of the reason I don’t post that many reviews.


Do you get paid to do this? 

Sadly no, I volunteer my time to do this as a service to fans of 3D movies and games.


Who did that cute jingle at the start of your newer podcasts?


My good friends Christi and Richard worked hard to make that cute melody. It supposed to resemeble the old ad in front of movies to get snacks. They are working on some more music for the podcast so keep an ear out for it.


What do you think of the old school Blue and Red 3D Glasses?

I really don’t like that style of 3D, it works but barely; the modern 3D glasses are way better. This is part of the reason why my logo is red and blue to pay homage to that.


You review so many 3D Movies and 3DS Games, how hasn’t your eyes melted and gone bad from all the 3D?

The 3D effect of 3D Movies and 3DS games cannot damage human eyes. My vision is 20/20 so I have no problems viewing and enjoying 3D content.


Will you review older previously released 3DS games and 3D Movies?

I have thought about doing this, but I really don’t have the time to do this. I may do this in the future when things slow down.


What was your first 3D movie you watched?

This is a trick question because I watched “Superman Returns” in IMAX, which had several scenes, presented in 3D, but the real answer is “Journey to the Center of the Earth”.


What was the first 3DS game you owned?

It was ‘Pilot Wings Resort’ and that was pretty fun little game.


How long have you enjoyed 3D?


Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed 3D


Do you get permission to rate 3DS games from Nintendo and from the various movie studios?


I don’t need permission to do this


How long do you plan on supporting the website and podcast with fresh new content?

I bought a one year contract, after that I may reconsider my options, but I hope to continue this for a long time into the future. I enjoy writing reviews and recording podcasts and watching 3D movies and playing 3DS games, so I want to keep this website up and running for years and years, but life my get too complex and hard in the future to continue updating the site, but for the time being I will continue on.

Who do you work for?

My day job is with the City of Austin and this website is something I work on my own, is a independent website and not owned by any major studios or companies.

Are you hiring?

I just hired James Tate as my Associate Editor! So my hiring period has ended.

How often will you update this FAQ?


Whenever I feel like it, this really depends on the amount of emails and questions I receive.


How do I contact you?


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