What is 3Dor2d.com ?


3Dor2D.com is NOT Fake News, is NOT  Biased News,  and refuses to play the Click Bait game. 

The reason this website exists is to provide a service to fans of 3D . This website is independently operated, is self funded and operates within the United States of America.  Adolph Vega is the Founder, Editor-In-Chief and Director of 3Dor2d.com. Adolph made this website to cover 3D news and write 3D reviews. Many reviews skim over the 3D aspect of a 3D movie or just hate 3D element all together. Watching movies in 3D is expensive and we hope to provide a service and tell you if it’s worthwhile.

We will review 3D Movies and Nintendo 3DS video games with a simple 1-10 scale (no decimals) and my rating system for the 3D element is: Great, Good, and Weak. To learn more about the rating system for the site , please go here or click the button below . 

3Dor2d.com follows three basic rules:


1. No Spoilers

I hate reviewers who don't care about the audience and ruin major plot points and character elements.  The reviews on 3Dor2d.com will not contain spoilers and will respect the audience. Any spoilers in podcasts or other media will be clearly labeled and we may have a spoiler rich version that is separate from the normal edition so you know what your getting yourself into.


2. Keep an Open Mind

We intend to keep an open mind when doing a review. If a movie or game is a sequel I will try to not judge it compared to processors and the same goes to reboots/remakes. If a certain director/producer/writer whatever is making a movie I won't assume its quality based on thier previous work. We will not allow outside influences cloud our opinions. I don’t care if most people hate or love the movie or video game.


3. Keep it Professional

We will try our best to watch our language and keep this website family friendly; second we will clearly state our reasoning for our opinion. I really hate reviewers who will just state something is GREAT or terrible and refuses to elaborate to WHY. I want to keep things professional because I hope this website is something families can visit without worry . One aspect of being professional is that I will try not to get into off topic tangents or rants and keep the reviews focused.


We hope you enjoy the website and the content we deliver to you. 


3D OR 2D Staff: 


Founder, Director & Editor-In-Chief:


 Adolph Vega


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Christin Richard


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