New 3D movie review is up for Ghost in the Shell (2017)

New 3D movie review is up for Ghost in the Shell (2017)


So the written review for 2017's Ghost in the shell is now live ! This review is different and unlike the typical review and includes two movie scores and two opinions. One opinion is based on someone who has not seen any of the source material and the other is based one someone who has experience watching the original anime movie and TV Show . I'll let you decide which opinion you agree more with. As usual both reviews are very limited in spoilers and really try not to give too much of the story away. I hope you like this style and if it becomes popular maybe we can do it more often. 

Update for April 15th 2017:

I just uploaded audio podcast review for this movie. The links are below.

To read both reviews (same page) click the button below :  



You can also listen to this podcast via Sound Cloud Below: