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3D Wiggle 3Deals



We have a new 3Deal !

This time it's with 3D Wiggle Software. I have used this software and I can confirm that it's a great product. We have joined forces to provide you a great deal. 


What is 3D Wiggle Software? 


3DWiggle is a PC/ Mac desktop software for adjusting existing 3D images or creating new 3D images from two regular photos. Adjust or align any stereogram (stereo cards, cross-eye images or MPO) and create high quality 3D images according to your own needs. No automated software, no restrictions, no headache. AND NO additional expensive equipment! You can enjoy your 3D experience on all displays and without 3D glasses.

It’s easy! Take two photos (left and right) with your camera or download any stereogram from the web, upload them to the software and start playing! Make your MPOs, videos or animated GIFs more interesting and fun! What you’ll get is a wigglegram – a real 3D image that can be viewed on any standard screen without glasses.















Regular cost is $35 , but with our discount you get it for $28.00 .


The savings of 20% !!!


By purchasing this 3Ddeal it helps 3Dor2D.com generate revenue and continue to deliver more future content to you. 

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