What is 3DEALS?

What is 3Deals ?  


3Deals ( 3D Deals shortened ) is sponsored merchandise that can be purchased and some of the money goes to back to the 3dor2d.com . Websites cost money to maintain so this is your way to help out the site and for you to buy merchandise at the same time . For example if you buy a 3D Blu-ray for $9.99 via Amazon link provided by 3Deals you will receive the Blu-ray for a great price and I will receive a small amount of compensation for each transaction.

Everyone wins !


This is a good deal for me , for you and for the venders !


If if you are a vender and want to participate in 3DEALS with your merchandise please send email to so we can work out a deal : 


We will try to keep the deals fresh and have a large variety of things to buy from .  We should have some great deals coming soon so keep checking on this blog for further details in the near future.


The specific link for 3DEALS is : 



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