WB reveals the first trailer for Mowgli

WB reveals the first trailer for Mowgli


“Mowgli” by Warner Bros takes the classic Jungle Book story and makes it darker. This movie is not associated with the previously released Disney “Jungle Book” movie released in 2016. “Mowgli” was previously titled Jungle Book origins . “Mowgli” releases October 19th in 3D and 2D.

Photo collage of screen grabs from the Trailer  

Photo collage of screen grabs from the Trailer  


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New Da 3D Show podcast episode 50 is now up

Da 3D Show # 50  


This is the 50th episode of Da 3D Show ! 

Record Date : September 18th 2016

* Warning this podcast has spoilers in it for Jurassic World and Storks movie *

We cover lots of ground in this podcast and talk about a huge range of 3D topics . Here is a quick rundown of why is discussed:

  • Super Mario Run announced for iOS
  • Mr Sinister to be Wolverine 3?
  • Jurassic World is a trilogy
  • Tim cook says Augmented Reality will be bigger than Virtual Reality
  • Batman new suit in Justice League
  • Margot Robbie to executive producer he own Harlequin movie
  • 3D printing helped conjoined twins
  • Listener mail
  • Top 3 3D movies of 2016 so far
  • and so much more

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