Disney & Pixar showcase the first official trailer for Toy Story 4

 Disney & Pixar showcase the first official trailer for Toy Story 4


Toy Story 4 will release June 21st 2019. 3D hasn’t been confirmed yet but it is safe to assume this movie will be in 3D considering all the latest Disney movies have been released in 3D.


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New podcast is up for Da 3D Show 75

New Podcast is up for Da 3D Show 75

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Record Date: November 17th 2018


Da 3D Show is a self contained current events based podcast. We Discuss and Debate da 3D News.  We have multiple topics and try to record this with 2-3 people on a semi regular schedule as news happens and as time allows .

This episode Adolph, James and Jake discuss the following :

  • Toy Story 4 teaser trailer

  • Detective Pikachu trailer

  • Shrek reboot

  • The Death of Stan Lee

  • And so much more

Trailers mentioned in the podcast:

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