3Dor2D.com is Now Hiring 

We need more volunteers to help this website grow and expand.

This is an unpaid position. I'm sorry but 3Dor2D.com does not generate a profit at this time and cannot pay its employees any salary. 





Associate Editor / Podcast Co-Host III 



  • Must have a passion / interest for 3D content

  • Must have a passion / interest for 3D Movies

  • Must have a passion / interest for Nintendo 3DS gaming

  • Must have a passion / interest in Virtual Reality

  • Must be at least 18 years old

  • Excellent english writing skills

  • Excellent english verbal speaking skills

  • Applicate must feel comfortable speaking on a microphone for a public audience

  • A modern PC or modern iPhone that can handle squarespace website

  • Must be able to take direction and constructive criticism

  • A strong work ethic

  • Must be able to follow the 3 Rules of the website which includes the following:

    1. No Spoilers

    2. Keep an Open Mind

    3. Keep it Professional

Job Duties include but are not limited to: 

  • Posting news stories on the website (no HTML or coding experience is needed)

  • Posting on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc) as needed

  • Recording & Editing audio podcasts

  • Editing video content for YouTube

  • Writing reviews / original articles for the site

  • Generating ideas for future content for the site

Perks of the job:

  • You will be able to express your opinion on a public forum for the world to see / hear

  • You might occasionally receive codes for upcoming 3DS games to review

  • You might receive movie screening passes to watch 3D Movies early & for Free

  • You will have your name published on articles and reviews that you write

  • Work from your home or wherever you feel comfortable

  • No dress code

  • Flexible work hours

The Position will be open until a candidate(s) is/are selected. If an applicate is selected they can start immediately. 

Training and Guidance will be given to a potential candidate as needed .

3Dor2D.com does not discriminate and is open to hire anyone (18 or older for legal reasons) from any part of the world who meets the qualifications . Personality chemistry is also a key factor for employment because of the nature of the work.            You maybe asked to submit a written , audio or video sample to be considered for this position. 


Before you Apply:

This is NOT a paid position, you will gain experience and personal satisfaction. 3Dor2D.com may decide to discontinue employment at any time for any reason. If you are not chosen please don't take it personally, this website is privately owned and operated. 3Dor2D.com don't post click bait, fake news, or obscene content of any kind. The Editor-In-Chief has final say on what content can be posted on the website . 


If you want to join our team please send your resume to the following email address: 




Applicants also NEED to fill out the form below:

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Are you at least 18 years old ?
Question 2 *
Do you have a passion for 3D?
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Are you fine NOT getting paid ?
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