Yoshi’s Crafted World for Switch Releases March 29th & Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn for 3DS Releases March 8th

Yoshi’s Crafted World for Switch Releases March 29th & Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn for 3DS Releases March 8th


New Handcrafted Yoshi and Kirby Games Launching in March

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- If you’re a fan of Yoshi and Kirby you are going to love the month of March. That’s because two big Nintendo adventures are launching that month – each featuring a beautiful handcrafted style, platforming gameplay for players of all ages and beloved Nintendo characters.


Yoshi’s Crafted World, a new adventure and the first game starring Yoshi forNintendo Switch, launches exclusively for the systemon March 29.

In the game, you play as an adorable Yoshi exploring a big world crafted from household items like boxes and paper cups, journeying through each themed stage to solve puzzles and find hidden treasures. On the flip side, stages can be played backward, providing new perspectives to explore and the challenge to find Poochy-Pups that are hiding around the course. You can even join up with a friend to play through the game in two-player co-op. For more information about the Yoshi’s Crafted World gamefor the Nintendo Switch system, visit https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/yoshis-crafted-world-switch.


Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn launches for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems on March 8. 

[Editors Note: Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn Plays Only in 2D]

In this enhanced version of the acclaimed Kirby’s Epic Yarn game that originally launched for the Wii system, Kirby is transported into a world made of cloth and yarn to unravel enemies, unzip secret passageways and transform into powerful vehicles. Every stage in the original Wii version is stitched in, but this Nintendo 3DS version has some new features, like Ravel Abilities that power up Kirby in fun ways, new mini-games featuring familiar faces King Dedede and Meta Knight, new furniture to personalize and decorate Kirby’s Pad, and a new Devilish mode that adds an extra layer of challenge to each stage.

Some of the Ravel Abilities include a giant yarn ball used to attack enemies, a wire sword that can slice through anything and the Nylon ability, which can generate wind for jumping higher and collecting beads.

The creative, colorful and visually stunning game also features new amiibo functionality* for compatible Kirby series amiibo figures that gives Kirby hats and abilities based on the figure used. For more information about the Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn game, visit https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/kirbys-extra-epic-yarn-3ds.

*amiibo sold separately. Visit amiibo.com for details about amiibo functionality.


Source: Nintendo Press Release

3D Releases for December 2017

3D Releases for December 2017


December 2017 ending with a bang ! So many 3D Releases this month. 




December 1st

(Limited Release)


 The 1996 Blockbuster is back in 3D and in Dolby Vision.


This Release is limited to specific AMC TheatersTo purchase tickets and to see if your local AMC Theatres will be showing Titanic in 3D please go to the link below: 




FREE Titanic Digital Download

It’s an unsinkable offer. Get tickets to see the gorgeously reformatted Titanic in Dolby Cinema on AMCTheatres.com and we’ll send you a free digital download of the movie to enjoy at home.


December 15th


FERDINAND tells the story of a giant bull with a big heart. After being mistaken for a dangerous beast, he is captured and torn from his home. Determined to return to his family, he rallies a misfit team on the ultimate adventure. Set in Spain, Ferdinand proves you can’t judge a bull by its cover. 



The next chapter in the Skywalker saga arrives December 2017. 


December 20th


In the brand new adventure Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, the tables are turned as four teenagers in detention are sucked into the world of Jumanji. When they discover an old video game console with a game they've never heard of, they are immediately thrust into the game's jungle setting, into the bodies of their avatars, played by Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Karen Gillan. What they discover is that you don't just play Jumanji-Jumanji plays you. They'll have to go on the most dangerous adventure of their lives, or they'll be stuck in the game forever...



December 7th


80's OVERDRIVE is a 2D pixelart racing game, designed to take you back in time to when 8 and 16 bit consoles and arcade games ruled the world. Compete against opponents in career mode to unlock new races, buy new cars and upgrade them with state-of-the-art technologies! Try your skill in time attack mode and see how far you can get in this race against the clock! Create your own tracks with built-in track generator and easily share them with your friends! 


December 25th


 Make over up-and-coming singers, actresses, models, and more to inspire them to stardom and awaken their inner fashionistas!

As a boutique manager, you'll style customers' clothes, make-up, nails, and hair in this fully outfitted game with 20,000+ fashion items to earn. Share your ideas online with other players and take the fashion world by storm!



December 19th 

lego ninjago 3d bluray.JPG

In THE LEGO® NINJAGO® MOVIE™ , the battle for NINJAGO City calls to action your favorite ninja character young Master Builder Lloyd, aka the Green Ninja, along with his friends, who are all secret ninja warriors.

Led by Master Wu, they must defeat evil warlord Garmadon, who also happens to be Lloyd’s dad. Watch the trailers, discover the characters and check out the products and sets from THE LEGO® NINJAGO® MOVIE™.


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I apologize if I missed any releases, all Game and/or Movie release dates are subject to change at any time and represent releases to USA/North America only. The 3DS may have more exclusive e-shop games released within the month that are not known at this time. See you in 2018 ! 


80’s Overdrive 3DS Game release date was pushed up from the 14th to the 7th of December.  

Nintendo Eshop downloads for October 26th 2017

Nintendo Eshop downloads for October 26th 2017



3DS Games  



 Words in a circle!

Worcle - short for "Words in a Circle" - is a new puzzle game from Lightwood Games.

Shoot balls into the circle to make words. Create words of three or more letters to clear the balls but watch out for the swirling vortex! Don't let the circle fill up or you'll get sucked in and it's game over.

Clear the circle completely for bonus points or create cascades of words for high scoring multipliers.

Journey through 10 unique game worlds, each with their own rules and letter mixes.

Take on a friend in the brand new Battle Mode, using Local Play or Online Play.

Compete in online leaderboards that not only track your best score, but also your best words!



 Test your skills and play this Halloween themed archery game.

You can choose from 2 game modes with 3 variants. In Classic mode your task is to reach the highscore with 10 arrows from 5,10 or 15 meters, In the arcade mode you have 30,45 or 60 seconds to beat your highest score. Do you have what it takes to be the best archer?



In GALAXY BLASTER CODE RED, you must defend your ship from the oncoming alien ships. Move your paddle left or right then tap the screen to fire the blaster. Be careful, if the target enters your base, or you miss the targets too many times, it's game over! 



 Sometimes it's better to be afraid than brave

Trapped below a creepy abandoned mansion deep in the forest, a group of friends find themselves on the run from a terrifying monster. Using only her wits and what's around her, Arisa must uncover the secrets of the mansion, and figure out how to escape...before it's too late.


Nintendo Switch Games  

Super Mario Odyssey will be available  on Oct. 27.  (Photo: Business Wire)

Super Mario Odyssey will be available on Oct. 27. (Photo: Business Wire)

– Join Mario on a massive, globe-trotting 3D adventure, and use his incredible new abilities to collect Power Moons and rescue Princess Peach from Bowser’s wedding plans. This sandbox-style 3D Mario adventure – the first since 2002’s Nintendo GameCube classic Super Mario Sunshine – is packed with secrets and surprises. With Mario’s new moves like cap throw, cap jump and capture, you’ll have fun and exciting game-play experiences unlike anything you’ve enjoyed in a Mario game before. Get ready to be whisked away to strange and amazing places far from the Mushroom Kingdom! Super Mario Odyssey will be available on Oct. 27.


Also new this week for Nintendo Switch :


Nintendo Mobile 

– In the first Animal Crossing game for mobile devices, interact with animal friends, craft furniture items and gather resources while managing a campsite. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camplaunches on iOS- and Android-compatible mobile devices in late November. To register to be notified as soon as the game is available, visit https://events.ac-pocketcamp.com/en-US/notify_me.


Nintendo eShop sales:



  • Start your adventure off right with the official Super Mario Odyssey Starter Guide from Prima Games. Get the game, then redeem your My Nintendo points to get the guide! For more info, visit https://my.nintendo.com.
  • The Fire Emblem Warriors game is here. My Nintendo members can earn 100 Platinum Points by finding the hidden Gleamstones on the game’s website. Plus, members can redeem points for new Fire Emblem Warriors wallpapers and rewards for Nintendo smart-device games at https://my.nintendo.com.


Source : Nintendo Press Release