Citizens of Earth 3DS Game Review-UPDATED

You are the Vice President of Earth and must investigate the strange happenings of a coffee shop. This Japanese style Role Playing game is a new 3DS release and this is my review. If you want the full written review please click below:

Review Update: 

On April 15th 2015 the developers of this game sent out a patch to the game to make the most current version be 1.1.  This update can be found on the Nintendo e-shop and includes the following: 

General Patch Details:

  Minor bug fixes

  Crash/stability fixes

  Reduced encounters in Casino Canyon

  Added checkpoint in Casino Canyon

  Added Retro soundtrack

I feel this patch changes enough aspects of the game to  change the Final Score up a point FROM 6/10 TO 7/10 and I am glad the developer has fixed some of the most troublesome issues within the game. Sadly they haven't added stereoscopic 3D graphics or fixed issues I had with the map or enemy AI. I strongly suggest you download the patch from Nintendo's e-shop to get a better gameplay experience. This game is far from perfect but this update has taken a huge step in the right direction and is enough to justify an increase in it's final score.

Final Score: 7/10

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