3D Instagram A case for a Nintendo 3DS App

3D Instagram A case for a Nintendo 3DS App

Recently I worked on an article for another website  


They have software that lets you change 3D pictures and make them into wiggle GIFs. These animated GIFs give the illusion of 3D by wiggling .  

This article is about the popular application Instagram and I make the case for a Nintendo 3DS application. Here is a small sample from the blog post: 

Currently, Instagram is not an available for download for the Nintendo 3DS at the Nintendo e-shop. There is a possibility of accessing Instagram via the Nintendo 3DS built-in web browser, but the experience is far from ideal. I believe this is a huge missed opportunity both for Nintendo and Instagram. It’s a missed opportunity for fans of stereoscopic 3D photography and within this blog post I will discuss the possibility of Instagram for the Nintendo 3DS. 

To Read the Full Article and see many 3D GIF pictures please go here: 


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