Nerd Stories & Other Geeky Rants: Marvel Comics TV Shows


Nerd Stories & Other Geek Rants: 

Marvel Comics TV Shows

Record Date: April 30th 2016

NSOGR is back ! This podcast series goes more in depth on stuff not directly related to 3D subject material. This episode is all about Marvel Comics TV shows , we briefly go over all that current and upcoming Marvel TV shows . We do some spoilers but it's more just general overview of stories and how they connect to the broader Marvel Ciematic Universe. So the following TV shows are discussed within this episode : 

  • Agents of Shield  
  • Dare Devil 
  • Jessica Jones 
  • Agent Carter 
  • Upcoming TV show Iron Fist  
  • Upcoming TV Show Punisher  
  • Upcoming TV Show Luke Cage  
  • Upcoming TV Show Marvels Most Wanted 
  • and more  


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