The Box Trolls Review

The Box Trolls  

Review Written By: Adolph Vega




I am very disappointment with the 3D aspect within this film. Stop motion animation is inherently three dimensional movie making and the 3D displayed within this movie is subtle and forgettable. The movie does show a clear foreground and background and a few select moments of action have things popping out, but those scenes are few and very far between. It was clearly an afterthought to present this movie in 3D than to film and design the movie in 3D and it's a shame, because this animation style could look gorgeous in 3D, its too bad this movie barely tries to make itself memorable with the 3D with a very few isolated scenes. 


Verdict: Terrible 3D




            The Box Trolls is a unique animated movie that has a fresh storyline and good characters. The main story revolves around a character that is attempting to become part of the elite class by capturing the box trolls. During this time a young boy who lives with the box trolls discovers the truth around which he is and attempts to save the box trolls. The movie is set its own self-contained universe that is not directly linked to any specific time period or location. I feel this universe is not as well developed as it should be and characters typically remain fairly basic and strait forward with little to no depth. One odd aspect of the movie is the cast, which is comprised mostly by men. This does not impact the story but the lack of female characters was a little distracting at times. The movie does provide some humor but its very soft spoken and subtle in its approach. Another odd aspect of the movie is the focus on cheese being a major plot point. The characters and situations are quirky and fun but at times can become slow paced and dull. The box trolls characters have more personality that I expected and are very likeable. This animated movie does not have musical scenes or a concrete lesson and it concludes in an odd way. Overall I did enjoy this movie because of the quirky unique nature, but I found most of the movie forgettable and lacking.


Verdict: 7/10