Seventh Son Review

Seventh Son

Review Written By: Adolph Vega



The 3D in this movie is fairly well done and makes you feel more like your present in the story as an extra character in the movie than just a passive viewer. The movie has a sharp 3D image and many times scenery will pop out and give a nice rounded illusion, for example a tree truck has one area closer to you and another section slightly farther and gives the good illusion of it being a real object not just a flat surface. Other times the movie has objects being tossed into the screen like spears and other weapons that make you almost want to flinch out of the way. The 3D rain effect is excellently presented and makes you almost feel like you will get soaked and adds to the atmosphere of the scenes. Characters move in and out of the foreground and background and it’s presented in a way that seems natural, a few scenes around a cliff make use the depth to give the viewer a good sense of the danger for the characters. The movie does have many dialog scenes that are toned down in 3D and almost turned off. Overall I so enjoyed the 3D effect in this movie I almost wouldn’t want it in 2D, it’s far from the best 3D I have seen but it’s a very nice use of 3D in both making it more fun to watch and making you feel like your within the movie.


Final Verdict: Great 3D



An evil witch escapes from its enclosure and Master John Gregory must recruit a new apprentice to defeat this evil before the blood moon. The movie takes place in medieval times is fairly generic in a ‘good guys vs. bad guys’ storyline. The movie revolves around Tom Ward who is the seventh son of the seventh son and when Master Gregory visits him he knows it’s his fate to follow him. The reactions of Tom’s family as he joins Master Gregory are shocking, sadly that scene is not given enough time to play out in a satisfying fashion. Tom trains with Master Gregory and suddenly finds a love interest. This love interest I actually enjoyed and found the chemistry between the characters to work well and seem authentic. Many aspects of the storyline are sadly glossed over and not given enough time to develop. I found it shocking that the title of the movie ‘the seventh son’ is a story element that is 2 or 3 lines of dialog and not given much detail. The end game of the evil witch is not clear and the motivations of her comrades for the characters is severely lacking. Many of the comrades of the witch are only names and not given any real backstory besides a basic description of their fighting style. The movie would be totally forgettable if it wasn’t for the performance of Jeff Bridges as Master Gregory and his witty and very enjoyable demeanor. I enjoyed the banter between Tom and Master Gregory and found the dialog funny and delightful. Outside of the dialog between Tom and Master Gregory the acting is bland and uninspired. The action scenes within the movie are well executed and are entertaining, with nice special effects. It’s a real shame the movie rushes so many elements of the story and doesn’t fully flesh out the characters or setting. I sense the world and characters within this movie are much richer than presented onscreen. The main story is fairly strait-forward and predictable but the comedic interplay between Master Gregory and Apprentice Tom saved this movie for me. The ending was predictable, but I was sad to see the movie end, because I wanted to see more adventures with these dual.

Final Score: 6/10

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