HOME Review

Dreamworks Home Review

Review Written By: Adolph Vega





HOME looks very good in stereoscopic 3d with many scenes taking good advantage of the extra dimension but the 3D never wows the viewer.  The 3D looks sharp and vivid and you will notice that many of the scenes were specifically crafted to look better in 3D.  One specific scene with the Eiffel tower is the peak use of the 3D and makes a tense scene more immersive and exciting.  For the most part the 3D is subtle and only used for backgrounds being in different layers, but occasionally the movie will have pop out 3D with bubbles flying out of the screen and character pointing outward.  Overall the use of 3D was fun and enjoyable and a nice addition to the cinematic experience.

Final Verdict: Good 3D



Home starts its story in an unfamiliar fashion; space aliens have successfully invaded earth and relocated humanity. The space aliens are called the Boov and they are fleeing from another alien race who are threatening them.  The movie is focused on a specific alien named “Oh” and a young girl named Gratitude aka 'Tip’ Tucci and her cat named Pig. Tip has managed to evade capture and embarks on a journey to be reunited with her mother. During this time Oh has become an outcast from the other Boov and along the way he meets and befriends Tip a unlikely ally. Oh is voice acted by Jim Parsons whom is widely known for his role as Sheldon in the popular TV show “The Big Bang theory”.  Popular singer Rihanna voices Gratitude aka Tip Tucci. The characters of Tip and Oh have good chemistry together on screen and have well written dialog that works well for both characters. I found both the characters of Oh and Tip to be likable and have good personalities that translate well on screen. I really have to give credit to the writers for having such a diverse cast and avoid the traditional stereotypes. The aliens coming to earth and having trouble adapting to earth is a overused cliché but this movie handles it well enough to keep things flowing without being too familiar. Many of the plot points within this movie I found predicable, however the movie does have a few interesting twists and turns.  The movie feels frantic in pacing and rarely gives you time to develop the characters or give depth to the story.  I found many scenes to be clever and enjoyable; sadly many of funniest scenes were showcased in the trailers and ads for the movie. I really enjoyed how the Boov interacted with their technology and how and misinterpreted the human race and traditional western culture. One element of the movie I found odd was the complete lack of any military presence or resistance to the Boov alien invasion.  The absence of a military presence is understandable due to the context of the movie being geared toward a younger audience, but it still seem like a strange thing to exclude from a movie that is about a space alien invasion. The movie ends on a happy note and leaves the viewer feeling satisfied with all the major plots points being addressed and some nice character development. Overall I found the movie charming and enjoyable, yes many moments predictable and cliché but overall it was a better than I expected and a very entertaining animated movie. 

Final Verdict: 7/10


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