Jurassic World Movie Review

Jurassic World Movie Review

Review Written By: Adolph Vega


Jurassic world looks stunning in 3D and is one of the best visual representations of what 3D can do that I seen all year.  The 3D made me fully immersed in the movie and gave me a greater sense of excitement during the action scenes.  The dinosaurs jump out of the screen on a regular basis and can seriously terrify the viewer.  The visuals are so well done and the 3D is so sharp it almost feels like the dinosaurs were present in the theater with you.  The 3D uses a great diorama effect and you can see several upon several layers of 3D.  You have a great sense of depth and many of the shots have fantastic pop out 3D.  My favorite 3D scene within the movie is a chase scene with a team of velociraptors.  I worry some people may need to turn away because the 3D is so powerful in this scene that it may give sensitive people motion sickness because of the intensity.  I really wouldn’t want to watch this movie in 2D because it adds so much to the movie experience and I highly recommend it.


Final Verdict: Great 3D




My favorite movie of all time is the original Jurassic Park; I won’t directly compare this movie to this one. However several times this movie will reference the events and characters of the original movie. Jurassic world has three storylines that all combine together. The first story begins with two young brothers who are visiting the dinosaur amusement park “Jurassic World” for the first time.  The second story line follows the curator of the park who is experimenting with a new super dinosaur. The curator needs the guidance and help of a dinosaur handler named Owen who works in the park and has successfully trained velociraptors.  The third storyline revolves around a character named Vic Hoskins who works security for Jurassic World and wants to use the dinosaurs for warfare.  The movie combines all three of these stories to tell its narrative and sadly feels over-stuffed. The security subplot is the weakest link and feels out of place and unnecessary. The movie is fairly strait forward, and the characters are all one dimensional and generic. Any backstory to the characters is limited and underdeveloped.  Overall the acting was poorly executed within the film with the exception being Owen played by Chris Pratt. Owen is a likeable and smart character and his performance is fun to watch. The movie attempts to preach to the audience about the evils of consumerism and military dominance but fails to hit its mark. Teaching a moral isn’t something new or unique to this movie franchise but it’s over played. At times this movie feels like it’s self-parodying with Meta jokes, which I found annoying. I found many of the dramatic scenes to be over played and forced. Several scenes within this movie are set up in ways that seem too convenient and may give the viewer pause. I think most people will go watch this movie because of the dinosaur action scenes and those scenes are thrilling and enjoyable and fully deliver quality entertainment. The dinosaurs have a real presence on screen and make for some really exciting scenes and tense moments with the characters. Overall I found the movie fun and enjoyable because of the action scenes but I had lots of problems with the plot and characters. Simply put Jurassic World is a dumb fun action movie.


Final Verdict: 6 / 10