Moana 3D Movie Review


3D Movie Review Written By Adolph Vega





This movie was made for stereoscopic 3D and it looks fantastic in 3D from beginning to end. Clearly the cinematography and 3D were made hand in hand because it looks like 3D characters are interacting in 3D environments to showcase great stereoscopic 3D. The movie looks pretty , sharp and better because of the 3D . The movie occasionally uses two dimensional art style to present the narrative and during these scenes they use multiple layers of depth to make a richer tapestry of visuals that look outstanding in stereoscopic 3D. Sometimes objects will fly out or pop out and it's done within the context of  the storyline and what is needed for the scene and doesn't seem gimmicky or silly . The usage of 3D is clearly an intelligent design choice to make a more visually interesting and impressive movie . One example of this is how the movie handles sailing . Many different aspects of the ship will appear to pop out and retreat into the background depending on what is needed within the scene. The 3D element makes it look like your peering into a diorama and it looks impressive . Objects shown on screen seem tangible and help this animated movie come to life and seem authentic. Occasionally the movie goes in first person and gives the audience a true 3D visual treat that is trilling to see . The best word to describe the 3D element of this movie is smart . This movie has a wonderful 3D presentation that should be an example for other future 3D animated movies to learn from . This is easily one the best and smartest applications for 3D in a animated movie that I have seen in years. The 3D element is the complete package and is both fun and well executed and looks sharp and vivid . This movie deserves my highest accolades and earns my highest rating for its flawless amazing execution of stereoscopic 3D.  


Final Verdict: Great 3D, Editors Choice Award  





When I walked into the theater I had no idea what to expect from this movie. I know nothing about the culture and / or religion of the island people this movie is based upon . When I left the theater I was stunned because I felt like this movie perfectly introduced this setting into the mainstream and left me completely satisfied . Disney has achieved something truly spectacular with this movie and is unlike anything else that I have seen .


The movie perfectly executes an original and interesting story with fully developed and likeable characters. Moana is the story of a young woman (named Moana) who lives on an island with her family , friends and neighbors but yearns to travel.  A curse falls upon the island and Moana seeks the help of the demigod Maui to save the island.  Maui himself needs assistance from Moana because he has lost his special abilities. The story is focused on the dynamic of Moana and Maui working together to help save the island and her people . 


The movie is a musical and they perfectly incorporate musical storytelling elements into the narrative. I love all the musical songs presented within this film. My favorite song involved a giant glittery crab. I am tempted to buy that song off iTunes because it's the composition and flow are so much fun . The musical element feels natural and works well into the story. I found myself smiling and tapping my toes to the fantastic melodies and rhythm. Disney has done it again and made a wonderful musical animated movie. 


The characters are the aspect of the movie that I adore the most. The characters are well developed, complex and are rich in personality. The movie does a fantastic job establishing the characters and developing them . The characters have a  perfect chemistry with one another.  I understand the character motivations and I find them to be very relatable. The writing is sharp and dialogue seems natural and is perfectly deliverered. The voice acting in this movie is excellent and the characters come alive on screen and feel authentic. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson portrays Maui as a cocky self absorbed demigod that is extremely charming, especially when he sings . Moana is a strong independent woman that is very interesting and likeable . I even enjoyed the comic relief chicken named Heihei who doesn't speak but steals many scenes with his foolishness. The comedic aspect of this movie feels natural and is never too silly. The giant glittery crab that I mentioned earlier is named Tamatoa and is totally fabulous and is a perfectly animated character. The grandmother character Tala has so much personality and is pure joy to watch on screen. The excellent characters give this movie a soul and make it something truly special. 


When it comes to negatives I found nothing major to report .  One character element felt a little sudden but I won't discuss the details of this because it's a huge spoiler. Overall I love this this movie because it has a wonderful story with rich interesting characters. I found the action scenes to be fun and well executed and the pacing to be smooth. The animation within this movie is gorgeous and distinct. I was enchanted by this movie and found it extremely entertaining , funny and heartwarming.  Disney has made something truly memorable and remarkable with this movie and I welcome more new original stories from different parts of the world. Moana feels new and different and yet familiar . Moana is favorite movie of the year and is the definition of cinematic excellence,  and I consider it to be an instant modern Disney classic. 


Final Verdict: 10/10, Editors Choice Award 


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