Movie Review Written by: Adolph Vega




Some movies are made for 3D and others are not. The story of Peter Pan and his adventures in Never Land fit 3D like a glove. You can clearly see 3D depth and pop out 3D and it looks very sharp and vivid. At one point the 3D pop outs of the screen above the aspect ratio of the movie as a sword is swinging near you. One scene is set in space looks very impressive as Pan is floating around. Another scene with fireflies flying around in various layers of 3D looks very impressive. The air ships look very nice flying in 3D space and many times cannon balls or debris will fly at the audience and is impressive and fun use of pop out 3D. The 3D is clearly not an afterthought but a main aspect of the cinematography. The 3D was consistently good to great and overall added to the experience of watching this movie and is well worthy your money.  


Final Verdict: Great 3D





Peter Pan has become part of popular culture so making a new movie can be a difficult task. I felt this movie did a wonderful job of balancing out the new and familiar aspects of Peter Pan. The movie begins as a baby is left behind at an orphanage. We later learn this baby is Peter Pan and this movie is set in England during the Second World War. Peter is suddenly taken from the orphanage to Never Land where he searches for his mother. The movie is presented in a very whimsical and fun way. The movie is fast paced and has a nice flow from scene to scene and explains the story simply and in an efficient manner without a need for excessive dialog or exposition. At times some story elements fall into place rather conveniently, but it didn't bother me because of the whimsical style of the movie.  Many of the Peter Pan characters you know and love have returned for this movie but are both familiar and different. Captain Hook for example is not a villain in this movie but a supporting role within the movie. I really liked how this Captain Hook acted and how he presented himself. I also like the rest of the cast including the new villain Captain Black Beard. I found this movie to be tons of fun and a real joy to watch. One aspect I found strange was the use of more modern rock / alternative music. I won't mention the specific songs they used but it's very distracting and an odd choice that simply doesn't work. Another small nitpick is that some of the English accents are heavy and hard to understand at times. Overall the issues I had with this movie are minor and as I watched this movie I felt like a child again totally engrossed within this adventure. If Warner Brothers wants to continue the adventures of Peter Pan after this movie I have no problem with that. Pan is whimsical fun family movie that both children and adults will enjoy and I highly recommend it.


Final Verdict: 9/10

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