Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond 

Review Written By: Adolph Vega





Star Trek Beyond was not filmed in 3D but was post converted to be in 3D, and you can tell by looking at it. Mostly the 3D helps to distinguish different characters appearing to be closer or further from the viewer. Only one scene was somewhat interesting in 3D and that involves shattered glass floating around in an action scene. Honestly nothing that I saw was visually interesting or compelling in 3D, and the 3D was just present for the sake of being present. The 3D visuals of this movie are not worthwhile and I cannot recommend it. 


Final Verdict: Terrible 3D




Star Trek Beyond is the third movie in this rebooted movie franchise that is inspired by the original 1960's Television show. The Star Trek franchise is now celebrating its 50th anniversary with this movie. The recent Star Trek movies have reestablished the original series in a rebooted time line, which is called the kelvin timeline. This kelvin timeline is inspired by the time traveling events of the 2009 Star Trek film. This movie like the previous two movies takes place in an alternative universe and things are different yet similar to what has been seen in the original show and other movies.

I have been a fan of Star Trek franchise for decades and started my interest with the "Next Generation" television show. I always found the original series to be quaint and difficult to get into. Reviewing a franchise that I am familiar with and have strong positive feelings for can be difficult but I will try my best to make a fair and unbiased criticism of this film. As a reviewer I feel it's important to discuss any potential biases beforehand.  

This movie takes place a few years after the previous movie as the crew of the Enterprise has been in deep space for a few years. A series of unfortunate events causes the crew of the Enterprise to be stranded onto an uncharted planet. The movie feels new and different but still has the familiar beats of a typical Star Trek story. The movie is written in a lighter tone and the focus is more on the characters and how they interact with one another. The dialogue between the characters is expertly written and perfectly delivered. The main cast of characters has a fantastic chemistry with one another. The movie's main villain is named Krall who has a vendetta against the Federation. Krall is given an interesting back-story and has a clear motivation. Sadly Krall’s acting is over the top and becomes a negative distraction within the movie . Another new character is that of an alien called Jaylah. Jaylah is a very cunning, likable character that helps the crew of the Enterprise. This character's backstory is both interesting and important to the story. The movie has many captivating action scenes that are fun to watch and have fabulous special effects.  Star Trek Beyond is a light movie and has many funny moments and is very entertaining. The movie is not a comedy but has many scenes and conversations that are humorous and work well within the context of the movie and really feels like the original television show. This movie even has a intellectual side and gives the viewer a subtle moral at the end. 

The movie does have problems with the story and asks the viewer to have many leaps of faith. I know Scottie is one of the best engineers within the Federation but he isn't a god that can just fix anything because Captain Kirk orders him to. I also find it very odd that the events of the second movie "Into Darkness " are completely ignored and not referenced at all within this movie. It's strange that the previous TV show "Enterprise" has more references within this movie than the actual predecessor to this movie. The main climax of the movie was brilliantly executed, but it was very silly. I rolled my eyes, smiled and laughed at the same time during the resolution of the story.  

Overall the movie is very entertaining with a great cast and many enjoyable action sequences. The bad acting of Krall, and the issues with the plot keep this movie from achieving perfection. I really enjoyed this movie and how well written it was and how much pure fun it was to watch and I can easily recommend it to both fans of Star Trek and to anyone who is new to the franchise. If you are new to this franchise I would suggest watching the 2009 Star Trek before watching this movie. Star Trek Beyond feels like a proper celebration of the franchise and a fun summer movie rolled into one .