Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

Movie Review Written By Adolph Vega



Recently I posted an article about stereoscopic 3D visuals and how emotions can be more easily conveyed via 3D visuals than 2D visuals. This movie is a great example of this because so many scenes have characters faces zoomed in and the emotion is more easily conveyed because of the 3D element. The movie looks gorgeous in 3D and is sharp and vivid with many scenes having clear foreground and background and many space crafts or objects flying between the planes of 3D. I felt the 3D visuals brought me more into action scenes, more emotion to the characters and story and just added a great deal to the movie. One scene specifically with a star destroyer was popping out looked so gorgeous and ready to pop my eye out. I really enjoyed how the stereoscopic 3D visuals looked. The 3D is expertly done and is something I can easily recommend. 


Final Verdict: Great 3D



Star Wars is one of the most difficult film franchises to review.
Few other movies have transcended the medium and become such an iconic
and fundamental part of popular culture as Star Wars.  Star Wars
Episode 7 the Force Awakens is both the seventh release and seventh
sequential movie in the series that was created by George Lucas in
1977. Episode 7 takes place roughly 30 years after the 6th movie
“Return of the Jedi”.  Many of the characters from the original Star
Wars Trilogy (episodes 4-6) return such as Han Solo and Princess Leia
to name a few.

 The movie begins when the characters Rey and Finn find a droid named
BB8 (who is adorable) who knows the secret whereabouts of Luke
Skywalker.  A new villain named Kylo Ren is also searching for Luke
Skywalker.  Kylo Ren is part of the organization The First Order, who
rose from the ashes of the evil Empire.  I won't go into any other
details of the story within this review.

 This movie does a terrific job of feeling both familiar and new at
the same time.  A few plot points and scenarios seem to be very
familiar to the 4th Star Wars movie (first released) “A New Hope“, but
to call this a reboot or rehash would be an unfair critique and a
gross oversimplification.  Episode 7 has the traditional hero story
and the journey of self-discovery.  The hero's journey is a classic
story framing element and makes it easier to set up new characters and
scenarios in a familiar fashion.  This familiar story element only
helps to draw the viewer into the adventure.

 Episode 7 does the impossible and feels like the old classic trilogy
(New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi) but also feels
fresh and current for the new generation of movie fans.  The
characters are all likable and given enough time to develop except for
Poe Dameron and Captain Phasma.  I hope that Episodes 8 and 9 give
them more screen time, because I found both characters interesting.
The acting and dialog are well done and feel natural.  The character
motivations all make sense and are well written and portrayed on
screen.  I really enjoyed the returning cast from the previous films
and they worked very well as older versions of the characters they
previously played.  The movie has a fast pace but knows how to stop
and allow the viewer to catch up and enjoy the story and characters.

 The action sequences in episode 7 are thrilling, fun and have
wonderful special effects.   The decision to use practical special
effects and only occasional computer graphics gives the movie a more
lived in, authentic feel and brings you into the story.   One element
of the movie that I didn't enjoy was the fact that everything was so
convenient.  The movie has many plot holes that are unresolved or left
open for a potential sequel or comic book or whatever to fill in.  So
many times events in the movie happen in a fashion to make it easier
for the characters or the story to progress that don't seem earned. I
can't talk specifics without spoiling aspects of the story, but things
keep falling into place so perfectly that it becomes a distraction.
This aspect of the movie is only a minor annoyance and overall I
enjoyed this movie.

 Overall Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens is an incredible
accomplishment in cinema.  Simply put, it feels right to watch this
movie and it satisfies the extremely high expectations this film has
set for itself.  Not only is episode 7 a great movie on its own right,
it's a great sequel, and also washes away the bad aftertaste of the
prequel trilogy. Star Wars episode 7 is well crafted and pure fun and
is truly spectacular and is well worthy of your time.


Final Verdict: 9/10

Update: January 10th 2015

After a second viewing I decided add an Editor's Choice Award to this movie. I enjoyed the movie even more on a second viewing and decided it was worthy of this award. 

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