Transformers The Last Knight 3D Movie Review

Transformers The Last Knight

3D Movie Review


Written By: Adolph Vega

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The 3D in this movie isn't good , it isn't great, it is spectacular. The movie was shoot with IMAX 3D cameras, and it looks incredible in that format. I watched this movie in laser projected 4K IMAX in the biggest screen in the state of Texas and I was not disappointed, because the massive action scenes look sharp , vivid and are perfectly executed . A vast majority of recent 3D movies are post converted and are not recorded in 3D, and you can really tell the difference with this movie . Obviously IMAX scenes are not accessible to everyone and are more expensive than other cinemas but regarding this movie it's totally worthwhile . Why is the 3D so well done ? It's because they use 3D to make the action scenes more memorable and epic . The movie has tons of objects popping out of the screen, and it looks amazing. Some objects will travel in 3D space and travel from the background to the foreground and give the viewer some truly amazing visuals. The movie jam packed full of action scenes that look great in 3D. You really feel like your staring into a window of action scenes that are actually happening. Occasionally 3D depth is used to give a sense of scale and height which makes the visuals very immersive . So many scenes use multiple layers of 3D at the same time and slow motion to highlight specific characters and weapons and looks incredible. Honestly if you watch this movie in 2D your doing yourself a disservice. I usually like to highlight a specific scene or scenes were the 3D is especially interesting or well done but this movie has so many of those scenes it's hard to narrow it down, it's all fantastic. The 3D visuals and action scenes are perfectly intertwined and go hand in hand together. The 3D in this movie is possibly one the best uses of 3D that I have seen in years. If you can watch in IMAX 3D, you won't be disappointed and I will give this movie my highest recommendation and is truly awesome. I hope this movie will inspire other movie studios to record in IMAX 3D because it's a must see in 3D movie .


Final Verdit:

GREAT 3D, Editors Choice 3D Award 





It is what it is. Transformers do what Transformers do.

This movie is the fifth movie in this popular franchise . You should know what to expect from this film franchise, because it's been fairly consistent in quality over the years . If you haven't seen any of the previous entrees in this franchise then I wouldn't suggest you watch this movie because you will be totally lost. This movie franchise is reviewer proof therefore; I will try to keep this review brief and be fairly straightforward.


The transformers have been present on earth for centuries . This history of Transformer and human interaction has been hidden and this movie reveals that story . This movie takes place in the present, but also has many flashbacks to scenes in the past. Mark Wahlberg returns and reprises his role from the previous movie. (Transformers 4: Age of Extinction) Mark Wahlberg is Cade Yeager and is an inventor and watches over several transformers . The Earth is in trouble and the transformers are both the cause and the solution to this problem. How this story was presented is interesting and better done than the previous movies within this franchise. However the story barely makes any sense. I have watched all the previous Transformers movies and I actually liked this one the most .


The plot within this movie very convoluted. It has many multiple parts that are happening at the same time and it can be very difficult to understand what exactly is going on. The best word to describe this plot is combocomplexlicated . Combocomplexlicated is a new word that I invented that is a mixture of the following words: combination , complex, and complicated. Combocomplexlicated perfectly describes something that is overly convoluted when it doesn't need to be . The movie has a massive cast of characters . You know very little about each character, and some of them are new and others return from previous movies. The plot is essentially an excuse for action scenes. The movie begins with an action scene, and about 70% of this movie is action, and the remaining 30% is people explaining the action. The movie has a crude sense of humor and is very corny, but I have to admit it made me laugh several times. Other times the comedy made me cringe and roll my eyes. The movie has plot holes big enough to drive an Optimus prime through. The action scenes are enjoyable to watch and are the only reason to really watch this movie. The action is big , crazy ridiculous but I was able to enjoy it .


The movie is far from being perfect, yet I liked it . The transformers movies are not "high art" and they aren't trying to be. This movie is all about over-the-top action and pure entertainment. I was entertained by this movie and it succeeded on that aspect. Ultimately movies are about being entertained and I cannot deny that I had fun watching this movie . I laughed , I cringed , I was confused and I had fun with this silly action movie. It is what it is , and this is possibly the best transformers movie ever,  but that isn't saying much .


Final Verdict: 6/10


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