Review Written By: Adolph Vega




ZOOTOPIA is consistent in showcasing a clean and sharp stereoscopic 3D presentation. It never tried anything gimmicky with the 3D. Only one scene had a very memorable 3D moment which takes place within a rain forest. Within this scene many of the characters are jumping around and popping in and out or the screen.  Different animal noses or ears would often pop out as the characters are walking around. The movie uses different layers of 3D well with many animals actively being in different layers of 3D depth. Overall the movie looks nice in 3D but never wowed me. ZOOTOPIA takes a conservative approach with the stereoscopic 3D visuals. I cannot overwhelming endorse the 3D element of Zootopia but it works well for what it is.


Final Verdict: Good 3D  




Zootopia is a funny, clever, well-made animated movie. The movie is focused on the character Judy Hopps who is the first rabbit police officer in the city of Zootopia. Judy meets a fox named Nick Wilde and they work together on a case to solve a mystery.


The story elements within the movie are well executed and clever in design. The movie has many interesting plot twists and turns that both children and adults will enjoy. I enjoyed the cast of characters who are well written and portrayed by great voice actors who have excellent chemistry on screen. The story uses different animals to act like different races and ethnicities. The movie does a great job of showcasing prejudice without being overly preachy. This movie seems alive and more advanced than other animated movies starring anthropomorphic talking animals. Humans are not present within this movie, which is fine because they wouldn't fit within the universe. One major element of this movie is the concept of what animals used to be predators and what animals used to be prey. Other similar movies would ignore and overlook this aspect but Zootopia never waters down the story to be more kid friendly. This Predator / Prey aspect is a key story element and I enjoyed how the movie handles this important animal kingdom aspect.  This begs the question to what the animals eat; unfortunately this isn't fully explained within this movie. I understand this is a small nitpick, but I was wondering about this element throughout the movie. The story is tight and well executed but some elements seem a little too easily resolved. The comedic element of this movie is very enjoyable and has wonderful timing. The movie has many fantastic callbacks to previous scenes and is rewarding to the viewer. The movie ends with an unnecessary dance scene that seems totally out of place and forced into this movie. The main storyline is resolved in a satisfactory manner and feels earned. The movie has very smooth animation and impressive visuals that are both cute and vivid.


Overall the problems I have with the movie are minor. ZOOTOPIA is best described by three words: cute, clever and creative. ZOOTOPIA is a quality movie that the entire family can enjoy.


Final Verdict:

8 / 10