Top 3 3D Movies of 2016

Top 3 3D Movies of 2016


2016 is over , as we welcome in the new year we should look backward to revisit the Top 3 3D Movies of 2016.

So what are the Top 3 3D movies of 2016?


Doctor Strange


Doctor Strange is one psychedelic movie with exceptional 3D. The movie is very enjoyable and is a visual feast. 



The Jungle Book (2016) 


I had low expectations going into this movie, and I walked out stunned. This was the first 3D movie of 2016 to make me say WOW! I especially loved Bill Murray's performance as Baloo. This movie looks fantastic in 3D and is an excellent remake.




Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children  

This is a gem of a movie and is one of my favorite Tim Burton films. The 3D looks great and the movie is very engrossing. 




What a wonderful original story from Disney. The 3D element is perfectly handled and it looks amazing. The movie has richness in character and a real soul to it. I loved this movie and I gave this movie my highest possible score of a 10/10 and Editors Choice Award. Moana is easily my top 3D movie of 2016 and it shouldn't be missed.

I hope you enjoyed this list. If you are interested in the Worst 3 3D Movies of 2016 click here . So what do you think are the Top 3D movies of 2016? Please comment below: