16 for 2016


What will be the biggest 3D movie releases within this new year ? I believe the following 16 movies will be the biggest box office and most talked about 3D movies of 2016!  

Update: January 16th 2016

Adolph Vega & James Tate recorded a podcast about this list. Adolph's list is the list on this page and James list is mentioned on air.  To listen to the podcast click the button below or listen on iTunes or Stitcher Radio: 

16. Kung Fu Panda 3

The Kung Fu Panda franchise is very popular and the quality hasn't dipped between movies . The second movie came out a few years ago so I feel that it might be too late for this third movie. Also in the United States two other animated movies release the week prior and with Star Wars still making tons of money this panda may make less money than usual. The demand for Kung Fu Panda is also low compared to the other movies on this list so I think it will make money but not a massive amount.

15. Star Trek Beyond 


The production for Star Trek Beyond has been a total disaster. Fans of the series have very mixed feelings regarding the predecessor ( into darkness ) . The Star Trek movie franchise has made money but they have never been huge blockbusters. This new trailer has left many hardcore Trekkers upset so I'm afraid that this movie may get lost in the shuffle this year.


14. Warcraft

Warcraft the movie is based on the super popular video game. This movie is self contained and looks promising with amazing special effects. Will it be able to break the video game curse and be the first truly great video game based movie ? Will all the Warcraft fans go to the theater ? Will general audiences be interested in this movie? Who knows but time will tell…


13. Deadpool

Fans have been wanting a Deadpool movie for years.  Ryan Reynolds is the star and he fits the character like a glove  . This movie will release on Valentine's Day weekend and will be a hard R rating so that might limit the box office sales. This is the movie fans have been wanting , will they deliver a blockbuster for the infamous Merc with a mouth ?


12. Suicide Squad

Suicide squad is a movie with a very interesting premise  . The movie is a group of DC comics villains who work together in missions for the US government. This will be the third movie in the DC comics movie universe ( Man of Steel , Batman V Superman )  but a majority of the characters are not not commonly known to audiences . It has a great cast especially with Will Smith being a major character but I wonder if general audiences will be able to connect with this scenario. 


11. Ghostbusters 


The Ghostbusters movie franchise is a well known and universally liked so this movie will be successful. I know many people online have been critical of the movie for being focused on women but I think most general audiences won't care and will be excited to watch this movie .  


10. The Angry Birds Movie

The Angry Birds have been a popular mobile phone video game for years so this movie is capitalizing on that universal popularity . Recently the angry birds franchise has been in decline but being an animated movie I see children being excited to watch it and it should be a big hit .


9. X-men Apocalypse

The X-men movies have always made plenty of money and are huge fan favorites. Fans have been wanting a film with the villian Apocalypse for a long time and this should be a huge epic movie. 


8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Don't underestimate the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! They have attitude ! The first Turtles movie with Michael Bay made tons of money and I expect this movie to also make a good amount at the box office. Two fan favorite villains will be in the movie and that has made the fans excited to see it.

7. Ice Age Collision Course

The Ice Age movie franchise won't give up! The movies are made with a small budgets and they always make tons of money. Scrat is an adorable little squirrel and people just can't get enough of his nut burying antics. It's been several years since the previous movie, but I feel it won't matter because this franchise is loved by kids and should be huge.


6. Alice Through the looking glass

The live action Alice in Wonderland movie was a massive blockbuster. This movie seems like it's taking the story in new spin with the character of Time being the main enemy. Everyone from the previous movie is returning for this sequel so it is highly likely this movie will be a big hit in 2016. 


5. Rogue One A Star Wars story


Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens has been a monster in the movie theaters. Currently it has over taken the box office and is number 1 movie of all time in the US. The only problem for Rogue One is that the story is in between Episode 3 ( Revenge of the Sith ) and 4 ( A New Hope ) and the characters are not well known. I think many Star Wars fans will watch this movie but it will probably not be as big as the mainline movies. 


4. Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Fantastic Beasts is the prequel to the extremely popular Harry Potter franchise. Harry Potter movies have been massive hits in every regard. Critics enjoy the movies, fans enjoy them and they have made tons of money. With the original writer of the book series (J .K. Rowling ) writing the script and the same company behind the previous movies making the film this should be a huge hit. 


3. Finding Dory

Finding Nemo is one of the most beloved Pixar animated movies . Dory (Ellen DeGeneres ) was a stand out character from that movie and everyone liked her.          I fully expect this sequel to make tons of money. Finding Nemo itself was a massive hit and I can safely say this will be a massive hit too with both kids and adults alike.


2. Captain America: Civil War

Some people were disappointed with Avengers 2 Age of Ultron, but the box office proved that this marvel film franchise will continue to generate buzz and make tons of money. This may have Captain America in the title but it's really Avengers mini because most of the cast from the previous movies will return and make for one epic movie. 


1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The buzz surrounding this movie is massive. Man of Steel was a polarizing movie and this movie seems to also be polarizing and very controversial with fans. That controversy will pay off at the box office as everyone will want to see it regardless of the quality. Man of Steel made a good amount of money and this being the first movie with Ben Affleck as Batman I think everyone will want to see his performance as the caped crusader. Warner Brothers is betting everything on this movie being a huge movie to launch it's DC movie universe and the hype surrounding this movie is massive and all but guaranteed to be 2016's biggest, most talked about movie of the year. 



Honorable Mention :

Doctor Strange

I hate to bet against a Marvel cinematic universe movies but Doctor Strange might not be a huge hit with audiences because the storyline is so mystical and simply too weird . Sadly the box office has an ugly history with many movies failing with similar spiritual themes. Will it be able to connect with general audiences or will it be only a fan favorite? Sadly this character is obscure and I imagine this movie not being a huge success and potentially being the first flop in the Marvel cinematic universe. 



At the time of publication no official trailers are present for Doctor Strange, Ghostbusters (2016) , and Rogue One A Star Wars Story so I only included a pictures for those titles. That will conclude my list of the 16 movies for 2016. I will try to review all the movies listed above but I cannot guarantee that will happen at this time. Any movies I missed and should be on the list? Would you move up / down the order of movies? What movie(s) are you most excited for in 2016?

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