Upcoming 3D Releases: December 2014

December is finally here and Christmas is just around the corner. Not many 3DS games or 3D Movie are releasing this month 

3DS Games: 

December 5th

Ultimate NES Remix

December 9th

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy

3D Movies:

December 5th

Inside the Mind of Leonardo

December 12th 

Exodus: Gods and Kings

December 17th

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

I apologize if I missed any releases, all Game and/or Movie release dates are subject to change at any time and represent releases to USA/North America only. The 3DS may have more exclusive e-shop games released within the month that are not known to the public at this time. 

So are you planning on buying any 3DS games or watching any 3D movies this month?

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