Japan 3DS gets Disney/Pixar's UP to purchase on e-shop

In the Japanese 3ds e-shop you can download a copy of the excellent Disney/Pixar movie UP. You can watch the movie in 3d on the 3ds screen , sadly this 2009 classic will cost you about $26. I love this movie and consider it a modern classic that is very touching and entertaining. I watched the movie in 3D when it released in theaters in 2009, and didn't find the use 3D at all memorable or interesting. Sadly the 3DS has a horrible history with displaying 3d video so I am not sure how it looks or if it's worth while. I have wanted to own 3D copies of movies to watch on my 3DS for years but I can't justify paying $26 for the 3ds version when you can the DVD / Blu Ray / digital copy on iTunes / Google play for significantly cheaper.



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