Whats coming soon

We are right in the middle of Summer movie season and I am thinking the next movie I review will be the new Transformers movie " Transformers: Age of Extinction " . I will try my best to have an open mind for that movie. I thougth the first one was better than expected, second one was terrible and third was better than 2nd but not as good as 1st. So my expecations are really low, but the 3D in the 3rd movie was memorable. 


I also plan on downloading Shovel Knight on 3DS e-shop next week and start playing that for review. Now I want to play the game until completion or at least several hours to get the full scope of what the game represents so that review will be up eventually. 


In the meantime I was thinking of doing reviews of Previous released 3DS games and 3D movies, I haven't decided which ones yet but it's an idea so I can keep the content coming. 

I have included links to both Transformers and Shovel Knight below for you.