Nintendo sales data highlights strengths with Wii U sales and slowered 3DS Sales

The 3DS has a total of 50.41 million sales worldwide and the Wii U has total of 9.2 Million sales wordwide as of December 31st 2014.

4.99 Million 3DS systems sold in the holiday season of 2014, which is lower than expected. Wii U sold about 1.9 million in the same holiday season and those numbers are impoving for the console. 

Sadly sales are not as good as forecasted previously by Nintendo, but it seems like Nintendo is making a profit overall near 30 billion yen ($255,000,000) this fiscal year. Overall the numbers are a mixed bag with 3DS sales slowing and Wii U slowly improving, it's far from the high's of the Nintendo DS or Wii years but they are far from being bankrupt. Nintendo mentioned these details earlier today from it's headquarters in Japan. Another interesting fact is that the smaller New 3DS model which released in Japan and Australia last year is not selling well compared to the XL size. Finanical news is not normally a fun news story to cover because it's complicated story to report but it's a very important one to cover.