Christmas starts early for iOS and 3DS!

Christmas starts early for iOS and 3DS!


Engine Software has some really good deals for everyone! They would make Santa jealous!

  Proun+  iOS and 3DSNow $1.99/€1.99

 Proun+iOS and 3DSNow $1.99/€1.99

Proun+ has been updated and is now compatible with iOS9 and newest devices from Apple. With the new update a couple of bugs have been fixed. Proun+ is back on track!

Also, we’re glad to say that Proun+ for iOS will be $1.99/€1.99 from the 17th of December and onwards. For the ones who have missed the colorful race experience, now is the chance to grab Proun+!

  Gunslugs 2 3DS  Now $1.99/€1.99

 Gunslugs 2 3DSNow $1.99/€1.99

  Sumico 3DS    Now $1.99/€1.99

 Sumico 3DS

Now $1.99/€1.99

And that’s not all, Proun+ for the 3DS along with Sumico and Gunslugs 2 will be on sale. This sale is temporary though, so be sure to pick the three 3DS games up in the Nintendo eShop for $1.99/€1.99 each! This sale starts at the 17th of December and goes on until the 4th of January.

We wish you all Happy Holidays and the best for 2016!

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My Thoughts  

I actually reviewed two of the games they mentioned in this press release!  This discounted price makes both games a bargain and I can recommend both !

You can find links to my reviews for each game below:

Gunslugs 2