Ideal way to see Star Wars episode 7 is in 3D !


In a recent interview the director of the movie JJ Abrams mentions the 3D element of the upcoming Star Wars episode 7 looks very nice .


 AP: What do you think is the ideal way to watch The Force Awakens?

ABRAMS: As someone who really hasn’t been the most vocal advocate of 3-D, the strangest thing happened to me on this. When I was watching the reels in 3-D, there were a number of shots — and I know this sounds insane — that I hadn’t understood in the three-dimensional space quite the way I did when I saw them in 3-D. I actually felt that there were things that were playing better in 3-D. I had never felt that before. And if people have access to a theatre that has laser projection, it is shockingly better. 


 If you want to read the full interview please go here .

It's good to know the 3D is going to look nice for this movie and the director was impressed by it . I am looking forward to watching it and will definitely be reviewing this movie later this month. 


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