New Nintendo e-shop downloads for 2-5-2015

A good selection of games this week.

3DS Games

  •  Monster Hunter ultimate 4 (demo)


  • Moon chronicles episodes 2-4
  • Game and watch gallery 3 (virtual console)
  • Sponge Bob hero pants 
  • KAMI 

New HOME themes this week include:

  • Colorful Game & Watch
  • NES: Fire-Breathing Bowser
  • NES: Fire Mario

Wii U Games

  • Hyrule Warriors (Majoras mask DLC)
  • You can Preorder Kirby and the Rainbow curse 
  • Dig dug (virtual console)
  • Mappy Land (virtual console)
  • Dolphin up
  • Puzzle monkeys  
  • Tri-Strip


Nintendo eShop Sales:

Price Reductions