New trailers for Adam Sandler's Pixels and Hotel Transylvania 2

Recently two new trailers have appeared for two upcoming Adam Sandler movies that will be in 3D.



is a comedic action movie where video game characters come alive and try to destroy the world.  Release date for Pixels is July 24 2015


Hotel Transylvania 2 

Is the sequel to the popular 2012 animated movie that is about a hotel for the various monsters to stay at. Release date for Hotel Transylvania 2 is September 25th 2015

I plan on watching and reviewing both. I typically am not a fan of Adam Sandler's work but I really enjoyed the first Hotel Transylvania, and Pixels is just too tempting for me because I'm such a hardcore gamer. I never thought I would say this but I am hyped and looking forward to two upcoming Adam Sandler movies!