Proun Plus Giveaway

The good people at Engine software gave me an extra 3DS E-shop code for Proun+ for 3DS. So I decided to give it away in a fun contest.  

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The Full Rules are below:



  1. This contest is only open to 3DS owners within the US and Canada
  2. Only one entry per person, if you guess wrong your disqualified from guessing again 
  3. Game is a digital e-shop code for Proun+ 3DS game and cannot be exchanged for something else
  4. Only one winner will be chosen 
  5. The winner will be chosen by whomever submits the FIRST correct answer and explanation to how to solve the riddle to the following email address: or submitting the email form with “Proun giveaway” in the subject
  6. If a contest submission is done via Twitter and Facebook, or any other method outside of  sending email it will be disqualified 
  7. Once a winner has been selected they will be notified and the contest will end. 
  8. No Time Limit, the contest will remain open until a winner is selected
  9. The Contest is not open to any staff members of relatives of staff members of 
  10. Once a winner has been selected the answer to the riddle will be provided to all on 
  11. Once the winner is selected and sent a email with the code, the contest will end and I will mention the contest winner and completion on the contest on the website. 

The Proun + Giveaway Riddle 

To solve this riddle you must find a number . This number is between 1 and 100. Jerry porter won't tell you the number because he is going long in Atlanta Georgia. Superman can't help you because he acting Orwellian and moody since he discovered his weight on Krypton. Oh no! Somebody ruined my lunch and ciphered numbers into my Proun alphabet soup. You can orbit Uranus all you want but you may never discover the answer to this riddle. So can you solve this enigma and find out what number I am talking about ?  




Sadly as of June 8th 2015 nobody has won this giveaway. So I decided to end this contest and tell everyone the solution to the riddle. The number I was looking for was 84. And here is why: 

  • Jerry Porter played football and his number was 84
  • Atlanta Georgia is just about on the 84th latitude 
  • Orwellian is a refrence to the book 1984
  • Krypton atomic weight is near 84
  • If you ciphered from letters to numbers P = 16 R =18 O =15 U = 21 N = 14 and that equals 84

I will give this game away at my One Year Annivesary Celebration.