2016 3D Predictions

2016 3D Predictions 


What will be the big 3D stories for 2016 ?

Well I have a few fun predictions for this year that I hope you enjoy . This list included 3D movies , Nintendo 3DS and even Virtual Reality predictions. Now this is just a sample  of the many predictions I have . To hear all the predictions you must listen to the podcast.

I hope you enjoy these predictions and don't take this list too seriously.


Now onto the predictions: 

  1. Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice will set the record for biggest movie ever released in the month of March.
  2. Nintendo's next videogame console the NX will be given a solid 2016 release date, but ultimately won't launch until 2017. This news will be a massive embarrassment for the company and the President of Nintendo Tatsumi Kimishimawill resign in shame because of this public relations disaster. 
  3. Sony will make Crackle.com         a showcase for 3d 360 Virtual Reality videos and movies.
  4. Most mobile games made by Nintendo will also release on the Nintendo 3DS , many of which will be really dumb and cater to  japanese gamers and be considered strange or odd to everyone else.
  5. A 3D remake of Super Mario Sunshine will release as a NEW 3DS exclusive and will use splatoon amiibo for different colored water. The game will have new attachments to F.L.U.D.D. based on Splatoon weapons.
  6. Desperate for 1990's Nostagia Warner Brothers will announce new 3D animated movies for : Animanics, Tiny Toon Adventures, Freakazoid ( which will be sold as a kids Deadpool ), and Pinky & the Brain .
  7. Drones will be used to make some really cool 3D videos.
  8. Nintendo will release Amiibo for iconic Nintendo objects, such as : The Master Sword in pedestal , Star Fox Arwing , Animal Crossing House , Suoer Mario power ups , Metroid Chrozo Statue , Pokemon ball , etc.
  9. Wreck it Ralph 2 trailer will be attached to Finding Dory and have Super Mario and Link from the Legend of Zelda within the trailer.
  10. A new Pikmin game will be  announced for the New 3DS (not pikmin 4) .

Many more predictions are on the podcast!