New podcast: Da 3D Show 30


It's been a few weeks since the last Da 3D Show so we gathered a few topics and reordered a shorter episode but it's still filled with content. 

The following topics are discussed within this episode:

Record Date: February 20th 2016

  • Deadpool is a big success! So will more comic book movies be rated R ? Wolverine 3 to be R ?
  • 63 years ago this week the Bwana Devil released (first widespread released 3D movie)
  • 3D printing organ tissue to make organs
  • Nintendo President said many more big name 3DS games coming
  • Nintendo account system is now live and you can now preorder for mobile game miitomo
  • 3D sickness cause found?
  • LG and Samsung are cutting 3DTV production
  • New trailers for Batman v Superman and Captain America Civil War
  • XL airlines to offer VR entertainment
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2 first pic shows baby grout
  • And so much more


Bwana Devil

3D Printing Organs                                                                                                                    

Nintendo Account and Miitomo preorder                    

3D Sickness cause  

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