New Da 3D Show 32 audio podcast is up

Another new audio podcast today:

Da 3D Show 32

So many topics to cover this week ranging from 3DS to Virtual Reality and 3D movies . Here is a quick rundown to what Adolph & James talk about today:

  • Trailers for Finding Dory and Ghostbusters

  • Jk Simmons to play Commissioner Gordon in Justice League

  • Sony working on venom movie that isn't part of MCU and not directly connected to spider man, totally stand alone

  • Captain America Civil War trailer with Spider-Man

  • PlayStation VR details

  • Miitomo out in JAPAN

  • Impressions of bravery second end later

  • New x men apocalypse trailer

  • R cut of Batman v Superman to be 30 minutes longer

  • Finn Jones confirmed for Iron Fist

  • Impressions for Hyrule warriors Legends 3ds

  • Mini Mario & friends amiibo challenge impressions 

and so many more topics  


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