Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk first trailer released

The filmmaker shot the movie at an unprecedented 120 frames per second, up from the normal 24 frames per second that normal features films are usually shown in. The extremely high frame rate is to make the images in the movie something more akin to reality, ostensibly so the audience can actually feel like they’re watching real life. Lee matched the 120 fps with a mix of 3D and 4K resolution, which is a triple threat never before seen in a feature film.


See the trailer below : 


Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk


The movie releases November 11th 2016 in 3D and 2D . 


 "I'm shaking," said Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers standards director Howard Lukk immediately following the screening. "That content combined with the technology — it was the most compelling 3D I have ever seen." 

- Hollywood Reporter  



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