3Dor2D is now on Instagram TV

3Dor2D is now on Instagram TV



Recently Instagram announced a new video platform called Instagram TV. Instagram TV allows users to upload longer length vertical videos. 

3Dor2D has been on Instagram since 2015 and you can find us here :



So naturally we will also have a presence on Instagram TV . As of 11 am on June 26th 2018 we have posted three videos on the Instagram TV service:



We plan to continue uploading videos for Instagram TV in the future. With current time restrictions we may not be able to post full length podcasts on Instagram TV. We might do some exclusive videos for Instagram TV like abridged reviews (like the Incredibles 2 review linked above)  or podcast previews since Instagram TV limits the length of each uploaded video. Regardless of the current limitations we are excited to have a new platform to share our content with.  I hope you plan to follow us both on Instagram and Instagram TV.


- Adolph Vega

Founder , Director and Editor-In-Chief of 3Dor2D.com