3Dor2d One Year Anniversary Celebration

One year ago I started this website on a simple mission to review 3D movies and 3DS games. My dream for several years was to make my own website and podcast and review 3DS games and 3D Movies, and I have lived out that dream. Over this year I did 59 podcasts, 16 Movie reviews, 8 3DS videogame reviews, 15 YouTube videos and 648 tweets . I celebrating this One Year Anniversary of the 3Dor2D.com by doing a few things. See Below for those things


Behind the Scenes: Making my Website Logo

Behind the Scenes: Making an Icon: Great, Good & Terrible 3D Icons

3DS Proun+ Game Give Away

UPDATE June 15th 2015

I want to give Congrats to Garrison  Brown from Utah for Winning this Give Away for his post on Facebook.


I have a audio podcast from Bruce Bridgeman the man who couldn't see in 3D but after he watched the film Hugo in 3D he could see in 3D. His story was covered by CNN and BBC and now you can listen to this interview I have with him. 

To reach out to Bruce Bridgeman his email address is : bruceb@ucsc.edu

Listen here:  I will try to have a text transcirpt of this conversation soon. 


I hope you enjoyed the first year of 3dor2d.com and I hope you continue following the website in it's second year. 

I want to Thank several people . First my lovely Fiance Amanda who has been very patient with me as I do this website. I want to next Thank my Staff Christin Richard for providing great music. I also want to Thank James Tate for recording so many fun podcasts with me. I want to also Thank the good people at Wayforward , Ubisoft, CosmigoEden Industries/ATLUS , Engine Software and Xseed Games for providing me game codes for review. I also want to Thank this website for giving info on how to watch early screenings for movies for free. I also wanted to Thank Nintendo for giving me lots of press releases to provide content for the site. 

One more thing....

I am now on Instagram! Follow me HERE