Marvel releases Doctor Strange trailer


Marvel Studios / Disney recently revealed the new teaser trailer for it's upcoming comic book movie named Doctor Strange. You can see that trailer here or below : 


Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange will release in theaters in 3D and 2D on November 4th 2016


Source: YouTube  



In an interview with Colider Keven Fiege ( Marvel Studios Chief) said the following regarding the 3D element of the movie :


 Yes, as a matter of fact. We were in VFX reviews the other day, one of the first ones for that movie — we just wrapped, we finished in New York…we did one of the first reviews and it was pretty exciting. It was pretty cool in terms of how 3D can serve that story. You know, sometimes 3D is a tool, like it is in Civil War, a tool of –another toy in the sandbox of how the Russos (Joe and Anthony) can present this movie, then there are times like what Disney is putting out with The Jungle Book –it’s certainly gonna be the case with Doctor Strange– that it serves the storytelling, that it advances the storytelling. And hopefully it helps bend people’s minds even more than with just the flat screen.

 - Collider