Picross 3D 2 coming to Japanese 3ds in October

Nintendo of Japan just announced a second Picross 3D game. This game is titled: 

Picross 3D 2

The game has been given a release date of October 1st for Japan and will feature over 300 puzzles . The official website for this game can be found here  but its entirety in Japanese . 

See the Japanese video trailer below:

Picross 3D is one of my favorite Nintendo DS puzzle  games when it released almost 6 years ago . I hope Nintendo gives a release date to other regions soon because I will buy this game without any hesitation. I hope this version has stereoscopic 3D and support for New 3DS c-stick controls because that could be a dream to play with . The website confirms amiibo support for the game but since I don't read Japanese I can't tell you how that works . Lately Picross games have had several 2D games released on the 3ds e-shop so it's exciting to finally see a 3d sequel.

Just in case you never played the game Picross is sort of a mix of soduku and mine sweeper. You play in a grid where rows and columns are numbered and you must use logic to estimate which blocks you can destroy or keep . Once you complete the grid a picture will or object will develop from what is left . The game is mostly played via the touch screen and the 3d refered to the grid using cubes and the z axis to make more complex geometry than a basic 2d plane . I can imagine this game using dual analog control via New 3ds to help streamline the controls and have the 3d visuals displayed on the top screen instead of the touch screen. I look forward to learning more about this game in the near future.