The 2018 Predator movie will NOT be in 3D

The 2018 Predator movie will NOT be in 3D




Fred Dekker previously stated the movie will be in 3D on a post via Facebook on March 20th 2018.


Fred Dekker is the writer of the movie . This information has been confirmed by the official movie website.


August 17th our own Editor-In-Chief Adolph Vega asked Fred via Facebook if the 3D was still happening  . 


“ I was looking forward to the 3D version, too— but we may have done too much 11th Hour tinkering to make it possible. ☹️ ”

-Fred Dekker via Facebook 


3dor2d Facebook page asked if this is also the case world wide since the UK 🇬🇧 Trailer still mentions 3D. Sadly at this time of publication we haven’t received any confirmation . The UK Predator 2018 trailer (which mentions 3D at the end) is below :


The film has had several reshoots and has been delayed already . So it makes sense that the 3D was cut from the movie .


The 2018 Predator movie is scheduled to release September 14th in 2D Only.  


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