Unity engine finally arrives for 3DS


Nintendo recently refreshed their hugely successful 3DS handheld with a major performance boost, making it an even more tempting proposition for Unity users.  We announced our intention to support this platform at Unite Tokyo and we’ve been very busy in the meantime getting it ready.  Now we’re pleased to announce it’s available for use today!

The first question people usually ask is “do you support the original 3DS too?”  To which the answer is a qualified “yes”. We can generate ROM images which are compatible with the original 3DS, and there are certainly some types of game which will run perfectly well on it, but for the majority of games we strongly recommend targeting the New Nintendo 3DS for maximum gorgeousness.


Last year Unity Engine was announced for the NEW 3DS and it finally released today . This should dramatically increase the amount of indie games released on the 3DS / New 3DS in the coming months.


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Source: Unity Blog