Upcoming 3D Releases May 2015

May is the month the 3D summer movie season begins with Avengers Age of Ultron. I already have tickets to watch Avengers age of Ultron and I might have time watch Poltergeist this month too. So many 3D movies and games this month so little time. We have several 3DS games this month with the biggest release being Puzzle and Dragons Mario Edition but we have plenty of other unique games releasing this month so check them all below. 

I apologize if I missed any releases, all Game and/or Movie release dates are subject to change at any time and represent releases to USA/North America only. The 3DS may have more exclusive e-shop games released within the month that are not known to the public at this time. See you next month, remember to subscribe to the HOME RSS Feed to never miss out on upcoming releases. 

Update 1: 5/1/2015

Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains  didn't have a release date at the time I previously published this, and now it has so I changed this post to reflect this.