Old 3Dor2D Rating System Graphics


On January 1 2019 we updated the review rating graphics so the older graphics are below. These older graphics will be used for reviews from 2014-2018.




This icon signals truly worthwhile 3D. The 3D quality is sharp with rich visuals that dramatically enhances the movie or game experience. The 3D visuals are really impressive. and worthwhile. Great 3D includes but is not limited to using different layers of 3D in smart, fun, and interesting ways. Great 3D can be pop out based or depth based. The 3D element was clearly created for this movie or video game and is not an after thought. The 3D element can be gimmicky or silly but if it truly enhances the visuals than it can receive a great 3D rating . This is a high recommendation. 


An example of a movie with GREAT 3D is "Mad Max Fury Road", you can read our review for that movie here





This icon will be used in reviews that have well done 3D . 3D is not needed to enjoy this movie or video game but it is a nice addition. Good 3D visuals may not always be consistent or visually impressive. Whomever made the 3D visuals clearly tried to make worthwhile 3D, but weren't able to achieve greatness. This is a mild recommendation


An example of a movie with GOOD 3D is "The Book of Life" you can read our review for that movie here




This icon will be used in reviews when the 3D visuals are awful and/or not handled well. The visuals maybe too dark or blurry due to the 3D effect. 2D is the preferable way to enjoy this entertainment.  It may have some good or great scenes or moments of 3D but overall the 3D just isn't worth while and it cannot be recommended .


An example of a movie with WEAK 3D 2D RECOMMENDED is "The Mummy (2017)" you can read our review for that movie here


3Dor2d.com reserves the right to update and/or change ratings for its reviews at any time for any reason.

Please note on June 8th 2017 the rating system graphics have been changed and updated. The font that says "Great 3D", "Good 3D" is different and Terrible 3D has been replaced . (See picture below)


It has been replaced with " Weak 3D 2D Recommended " and the numbered fonts have been updated too . (see below)





Any reviews between June 8th 2017-January 1 2019 will reflect the second style, and any reviews before June 8th 2017 will reflect the older style . Any reviews after January 1st 2019 will have the newest style.