2018 3D Predictions - Redux Edition

2018 3D Predictions - Redux Edition


This is a redux edition of the original 2018 Predictions show.  

The original 2018 Predictions podcast link is below: https://www.3dor2d.com/podcast/2018-3d-predictions 

So this redux edition I edited out the 2017 predictions overview , added a new introduction and cleaned up the audio quality. 

Now that it’s 2019 it’s fun to look back at the predictions for 2018.

Adolph & James attempt to predict the future of 3D Movie news and Nintendo 3DS news .

Original 2018 predictions record date is February 2 2018.

Here a few examples of our predictions for 2018:

  • Han Solo movie delayed ? 

  • 3DS Eshop video game combo pack release

  • X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga to be the last movie in the X-Men movie universe before Disney takes over 

  • WB Jungle Book movie will be a flop 

  • And many more predictions of the future 

Did we have accurate predictions ? What did we get wrong ? Listen to find out .

I hope you enjoy the predictions show ! 

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