How to Train Your Dragon 2 Review

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Review Written By: Adolph Vega




The use of 3D within this movie is Great. The director shows confidence in presenting this movie in 3D and wisely uses different aspects of the 3D planes to make visually vibrant and more interesting film. At times a character will go into the background and come into the foreground and play with the camera perspective. Other times one character in the foreground will speak to a character in the background. A few times particles will fly and pop out and fly toward the viewer but those scenes are few and far between. The dragon flying scenes look spectacular as the clouds move from the background to the foreground and sense of depth and perspective of flying is wonderful. This was not an after thought but a serious consideration to the cinematography to make it look more interesting and fun to the viewer regardless of age.


Final Score: Great 3D 


            How to train your dragon 2 continues the story where the first movie left off, and like other great sequels it takes elements from the original and expands upon it and makes a better movie. The story revolves around the main character Hiccup who is exploring the lands with his dragon toothless and he discovers new characters and a plot that may endanger his homeland. This movie succeeds because the character development, dialog and voice acting are all top notch. The main characters are fleshed out and have great chemistry and any interactions between them seem authentic and well played. The movie introduces a few new characters and for the most part they are handled very well, sadly they are not as developed as I would like. The animated presentation is both similar in style of the original and also improves upon the visuals of the original. The dragons have a spectacular level of animation detail that is breathtaking and a joy to watch. The dragons behave in a similar fashion to both dogs and cats and also have a great charming presence in the film. The movie flows well and is entertaining from beginning to end for both children and adults. The movie intelligently handles a few more adult themes including that of: nature vs. nature, leadership roles, and loyalty. These complex themes are sprinkled in a subtle fashion within the film and are all handled perfectly. The movie has a few touching moments that remain classy and are perfectly executed.  At times some of the scenes may become too difficult for a small child to watch, but never does this film become too simplistic for an adult to become bored. The movie has it all, it’s entertaining, its funny, it’s charming and has some great characters and moments that make it well worth your time and money to watch. This movie even handles the Viking culture and mythology in a better fashion than the Thor movies. I consider this film an instant modern classic and any issues that I may have are so tiny that I refuse to give this anything else but a perfect score.


Final Verdict: 10 / 10 



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