Avengers Endgame 3D Movie Review

Avengers Endgame 3D Movie Review

Written By: Adolph Vega



Avengers Endgame looks very nice in 3D. It has a good amount of depth and some occasional pop out sequences. I watched it in IMAX 3D and it looked very bright and sharp. Many scenes are only okay looking in 3D. One scene with two characters on a mountaintop is especially strong in 3D. The 3D depth in this scene is especially strong and it has many great particle effects in this scene. The final action sequence is fantastic in 3D. This final action scene is enough to push the overall 3D quality from good to great. Overall I think the 3D is enjoyable enough to fully recommend.


Final Verdict: Great 3D



Avengers Endgame is one very difficult movie to review without spoilers. The events of Avengers Infinity War left viewers with many big questions. We actually recently recorded a podcast where we discuss the many unresolved questions of Avengers Infinity War and what questions we want answered in Avengers Endgame you can listen to that podcast here . I digress, Avengers Infinity War left the viewer with the biggest cinematic cliffhanger of all time. So how will the remaining avengers deal with Thanos and the aftermath from the events of Infinity War? Endgame is a direct follow up to Infinity War and continues that story, but is also it’s own movie. 

Avengers Endgame is a very different movie than what I expected it to be. This movie is more about character development than action scenes. The emotional component is a huge aspect of this movie. This is a character piece and not your typical summer blockbuster. The humor in this movie is excellent and it perfectly balances the more somber scenes. The film is three hours long but it doesn’t feel overly bloated. This is a treat to fans of the Marvel cinematic universe and it intelligently builds off the nostalgia from the previous films in the series. It might be difficult for someone who hasn’t seen all the previous movies to fully enjoy this movie. Many questions I had from Infinity War were answered in this movie, but now I have many new questions from this movie. I often questioned why some events happened in the way they did and why some events didn’t happen at all. Some people may find the first hour or two to be a little boring or slow, but it didn’t bother me and I really enjoyed it. The story is engaging and interesting, but it does lead to many potential issues with plot holes. The movie has many cheap plot contrivances and at times it feels a little too convenient. The action scenes are rare. The best action scene is by far the excellent  conclusion and is well worth the wait. The final action scene is so epic that its worth the price of admission alone. I cried, I laughed, I cheered and I was very much entertained by Avengers Endgame. I had some issues with the film but all in all I still loved it.


Overall I loved this movie but many aspects bothered me. Avengers Endgame in some ways feels both immensely satisfying, but is also slightly disappointing. This is an incredible cinematic achievement but it’s not perfect. 


Final Verdict: 9/10


Editors Choice Film Award

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