Dark Phoenix 3D Movie Review

Dark Phoenix

3D Movie Review

Written By: Adolph Vega




Dark Phoenix looks very nice in 3D. The movie has many scenes that are dazzlingly to see in stereoscopic 3D. The film has several scenes with explosions that just wow the eye in 3D. These explosion scenes are frequent and the movie will pause and / or slow down time during these scenes to let you see the debris floating in the air. These slow motion explosions looks fantastic in 3D and work well in the story so it doesn’t seem gimmicky. When characters are talking to one another the 3D depth is limited. The 3D depth helps many scenes carry more emotional weight. Many action scenes are done in dark locations but my theater didn’t have many problems showcasing the darkly lit scenes in 3D. (Your mileage may vary in this aspect) One scene in space looks fantastic in 3D.  Another sequence with a car accident looks great and the 3D helps you feel like you are in the car with the characters. This movie was made for 3D and I highly recommend it.

Final Verdict: Great 3D


Dark Phoenix is the personal story of Jean Grey. In my opinion I feel like this movie succeeds more than it fails.


Dark Phoenix is a largely self contained story in the already established X-Men film series. The film starts with a Flashback of a young Jean Grey in the 1970’s. This scene is a great set up for the character of Jean. The vast majority of the movie is set in the early 1990’s. The X-Men are called to assist NASA in a low orbit emergency. During this mission Jean encounters a space anomaly that dramatically changes her mutant abilities. Jean’s new abilities cause her to reflect on her past and revaluate who she currently is. Jean is not able to control her new powers and she hurts her family and friends. A new character of Vuk is introduced and she wants to help Jean during this difficult time. This is a somber and serious X-men movie. This is not your typical lighthearted summer blockbuster. This story also makes Professor Xavier into a more morally ambiguous and a much more complicated character. The X-men are conflicted on how to handle this new version of Jean Grey. This is a smaller scale superhero movie that is focused on the character of Jean Grey. The plot captivated me and I enjoyed watching how the story played itself out. The ending left me cold and confused but overall I really liked the story of Dark Phoenix.


The movie is emotional roller coaster. This is partly due to the awful pacing. The movie doesn’t have a good flow from scene to scene. Some scenes seem to drag while others are too fast paced. The emotional aspect of the film feels natural and is well handled but it does drag down the film. I do have sympathy for Jean and I do like Sophie Turner’s performance as Jean. Professor Xavier’s role in this movie is very different than what I expected. In some ways this movie feels strange  in a post #metoo world. I won’t get into politics or social justice in this review, but the ideas of consent and what should be and shouldn’t be allowed are mentioned in this movie. At times this movie made me feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Xavier is creepy in this movie. Xavier is a good guy but sometimes he does some wrong things for the right reasons. The movie handles this Xavier consent issue well but it fundamentally changes his character. I didn’t mind the change but some people might seriously object to this. The movie has many ups and downs. 


The quality of this film is wildly inconsistent. I loved the action scenes with the X-men. The various action scenes are fun and they use the powers of the X-men in fun and creative ways. The fight choreography is enjoyable and it is very satisfying to watch. I really like these characters/ actors and I liked how they react to the changes of Jean. Some of the dialog is really bad. The movie has a few cringeworthy scenes. The character of Vuk is a poorly executed antagonist character. Vuk is given a huge amount of screen time but we don’t much about her. The small amount of information that we do receive is not nearly enough. Vuk is a vessel to help move the story along and give some exposition to the audience. I don’t like the performance of Jessica Chastain as Vuk. Vuk is easily the worst aspect of this movie. Honestly I feel that her presence is largely unnecessary and hurts the movie. The movie feels both too long and not long enough. The continuity of the X-Men film universe is also hard to grasp after watching this movie. Many of these characters have been around for decades (In the X-Men film continuity) but they look essentially the same as they did in the first film. Some events in the previous X-Men movies are largely ignored.  I left the theater with many unanswered questions and not completely satisfied.


Ultimately Dark Phoenix is a very mixed bag. That being said I don’t feel like this is a terrible movie. I actually really enjoyed it far more than I expected to. Dark Phoenix is a good movie that could have been great.

Final Verdict: 7/10


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