Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange 3D Movie Review

Written By: Adolph Vega




Doctor Strange has some amazing visual effects and the stereoscopic 3D element perfectly complements this movie. I feel this is the first movie made by Marvel Studios where the 3D element is a critical element of the cinematography and not just an after thought. Doctor Strange primarily uses depth-based 3D and creates an impressive diorama effect.  The 3D element really feels like your peering into the movie. The movie looks sharp, colorful and vivid in 3D. If you have the opportunity to watch this movie in IMAX 3D I can easily recommend viewing it in that larger screen. The depth of field presented within this movie really makes things look more impressive and gives some fantastical elements a better sense of being realistic. The 3D is used in some close up shots and gives you a better sense of the emotional state of the actors. This usage of 3D makes the viewer more invested into what is happening on screen. The stereoscopic 3D element of this movie is so well done; I wouldn’t want to watch this movie in 2D and is easily one of the best uses of 3D in a movie released in 2016. 

Final Verdict:

Great 3D, Editors Choice Award for 3D




Doctor Strange is a radical departure for Marvel Studios suite of films. Doctor Strange has a fantastic setting, incredible psychedelic visuals, and mystical eastern themes, and simply feels totally different from anything else released from Marvel studios.

Doctor Strange is a self-contained origin story for the character. Doctor Stephen Strange is a brilliant world renewed surgeon, and due to an unforeseen accident he needs the assistance of eastern medicine. Doctor Strange learns of the mystical arts and trains to protect this realm of existence from threats from another dimension. Benedict Cumberbatch portrays Doctor Strange as an arrogant self absorbed cocky character. I really enjoyed this performance from Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange. I found him very likable, well acted and is a perfect fit the role. In many ways this performance reminds me of the performance of Robert Downey Junior as Ironman. Since this movie is an origin movie, many times Doctor Strange acts as the avatar for the audience and asks questions about what is going on. The main story revolves around a group of people who want and extra dimensional entity to consume the earth and Doctor Strange and his comrades must find a way to stop it. Magic has never been an aspect of the marvel comic's movies and this movie does a good job introducing it into the marvel cinematic universe. Sadly the story itself feels rushed and many of the details are quickly glossed over and under explored. Several aspects of the story fall a little too perfectly into place and seems convenient for the plot to advance. The movie ends in a clever way that is both satisfying and unique. Even if I have problems with the story being under explained I still found myself extremely entertained and interested in what was happening on screen. 

The movie has a large cast of characters that all work well together. Christine Palmer is the love interest to Doctor Strange and they have a complex history and good chemistry on screen. Tilda Swinton is “The Ancient One” and essentially is the master of the mystical arts who teaches Doctor Strange. This character is odd because her comic book version is vastly different from this film version. I really enjoyed this film version, which has a great motherly vibe and is well acted. The only problem I had with this character is that she seems out of place in this eastern setting. Another notable character is that of Wong, who watches over the library of mystical arts and acts as comic relief and a sidekick to Doctor Strange. The movie itself has a very corny sense of humor that mostly works to lighten this movie. Overall I really enjoyed the entire cast of Doctor Strange. 

This fantastical setting is brought to life with truly spectacular visual effects. The visuals of Doctor Strange look amazing and perfectly compliment the surreal storyline. I cannot understate how well executed and well shot these special effects are and how integral they are for this movie. The visuals of Doctor Strange are easily the best special effects that I have seen this year and possibly in the last decade. The movie has very fast pacing and flows well from one scene to another. The movie doesn’t try to teach philosophy or religion, which is interesting because you would expect that from this type of movie.

Doctor Strange is a fascinating movie from beginning to end. The movie has amazing visuals that are a real treat for the eye. Sadly the story of Doctor Strange feels rushed and glossed over. It’s not a perfect movie, but I definitely enjoyed entering this mystical magical world of Marvel comics. 

Final Verdict: 8/10, Editors Choice Award

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